Monday, August 4, 2008

picture of the day: Dicraeosaurus

Once again no time for a decent post - I'm going into hospital tomorrow for a minor procedure and will be off for a few days so the lack of activity will continue I'm afraid. Anyway this is a rough sketch from my notebook that I drew in the old dinosaur gallery of the Humboldt Museum in Berlin. Dave Unwin had given us (myself and Max Langer) after hours access to the gallery. I should have been furiously taking this once off oportunity to note and photograph as much as possible but I rapidly became exhausted (it had been a very hectic study trip) so after a short look at the Elaphrosaurus mount. I plonked myself in front of the Dicraeosaurus skeleton and drew this. I'm very happy with the way the head and neck turned out (note that the nostrils are in the pre-Witmer position).

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