Wednesday, October 29, 2008

End of year blues

Hi guys,

This blog has become far more quiescent than I ever intended it to be. I am currently feeling exhausted and swamped by marking at the end of the year, including honours projects, exam papers and essays - urgh. Of all my duties I hate marking the most. Time is of the essence but I want to be scrupulously fair to all, a desire that used to compell me to read and re-read each essay two or three times before finally settling on a mark. When not marking I am tidying up various other bits of end of year business - and occasionally writing up some of my research for publication. I wish I could tell you guys about it (it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job) but sadly this work has to go through the long drawn out process of peer-review and publication first. Maybe I'll be able to say something in 2010!
Anyway I've dragged up a picture of an old field trip from my vaults. You can see that the weather was kind of .... damp. This happened a lot on my field trips (and not always in rainy season either) so much so that one of the dinosaurs we happened to find in between rainstorms received the nickname 'Rainmaker'.
Anyway the load on shoulders should be lifting soon. I'll have a visit from my mum soon and we'll be doing a few trips round Gauteng. Then I'll be off on a short field trip to retrieve a dinosaur we left behind earlier in the year. So by December my batteries will be recharged and blogging will begin with renewed vigour (I hope!)

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