Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Field trip photos

I'm currently writing up a report on the lightening quick field trip I took at the end of November for this blog but am getting delayed by all sorts of real-world duties. So for now I'll just show-case some of the pictures.

Matthew Yates assists Charleton Dube and Sifelani Jirah in excavating a dinosaur tail.

The tail of 'Charlie' the sauropodomorph (yes another one!) emerges

Upper Drumbo, type locality of Dracovenator regenti, and site of 'Charlie'. Casle Rock is in the background but where is the contact between the Elliot Formation and the Clarens Formation?.

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Marek said...

Wow, looks awesome! I can't wait for the write up, and I'm super of the weather, it being full-on winter here in Canada.