Thursday, March 5, 2009

Off into the field

Its a mad mad world at the moment. I'm currently preparing for a big field trip into the wild yonder of the Eastern Cape with a team from the Bayerische Staatssammlung für Paläontologie und Geologie, Munich and the Natural History Museum London. I'd love to blog about: Basal theropods with bird like hand postures; my second paper dealing with the fossil cowrie fauna of South Australia; the non-existance of Ward and Smith's single Permo-Triassic event bed in the Karoo Basin; or any number of other things. But I just don't have the time or the energy right now. So things are going to be real quiet here until I get back from the field (hopefully laden with fantastic new dinosaur specimens that I would unfortunately not be able to you about anyway until they were published....sigh.

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Bran said...

Oh, in new here but i would like to see the new discoveries that you will post,my name is Bran and i would like to know if you have information of the giant dicynodont Rhachiocephalus (this came out after seeing your Platycyclops topic)?